EdgeChem: Revolutionizing the Construction Sector

No Stress. Cost Less.

EdgeChem has released a new line of products; created specifically to meet the demands of the growing construction sector in Jamaica. These new products were showcased at the Jamaica Institute of Architects (JIA) Ordinary General Meeting held at the PCJ auditorium where they were favorably received. The four new products- Edgecrete, Edgekote, Floor Paint and Color Glow Plus Premium Flat Emulsion – will significanty impact the architectural sector with cost and time saving benefits.

Introducing Edgecrete, a premium 100% Acrylic Primer and Surface Sealer designed for interior and exterior masonry and concrete substrates. Edgecrete is perfect for filling properties and provides a smooth finish. It is ready to use and easily adheres to topcoats. The product is not only durable but is also non-toxic and has a low odor.

Color Glow Plus Premium Flat Emulsion is a 100% Acrylic Polymer created for all interior and exterior masonry finishes and is available in a plethora of colors. This Polymer is a non-toxic and low VOC premium flat emulsion which provides the customer with amazing opacity in a single coat. Not only does it come in rich colors; the polymer is also durable, smooth, retains its color and provides good bacteria resistance. As if that wasn’t enough already to seal the deal, the polymer is easy to apply and usually takes a one coat application process.

Another new product introduced by EdgeChem is the Non-Slip – Floor-Paint. This product, as the name suggest, is a non-slip, self-cross-linking acrylic emulsion product that was designed for all masonry and wooden floorings for various areas- such as garages, warehouses and even tennis/basketball courts. This Floor Paint is easily applied with a brush or roller. It provides the user with excellent chemical, water and moisture resistance. It has non-fading properties, as well as, emits minimum odor.

Finally, but definitely not least, Edgekote. This product is a premium quality acrylic masonry filler; created specifically to fill those pesky small nail holes, crack and seems that tend to be left behind in wooden surfaces, cement boards and masonry. EdgeKote provides the customer a smooth, even, and non-porous flat finish, as well as being resistant to mold, mildew and water.

All these great products are cost effective, easy to apply and emits low odors. They are also very eco-friendly and helps get the job done in less time than other products due to their fast-drying abilities and qualities.

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