Port Maria Welcomes Edgechem

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Edgechem entered the parish of St Mary recently to introduce its sixteen retail store to the country. The grand opening which was held at the store’s location, received the tremendous support of the people as we were more than welcome into the town. Scores of individuals attended our automotive clinic, made purchases and shared in the giveaway games that were held. We also had the support of the people in blessing the opening of the store as they gathered to share in our prayers to God for growth and prosperity. Great food, clean fun, entertaining music, quality product and excellent service was all a part the package received by the wonderful people of the parish.

Edgechem Jamaica Limited take this opportunity to say thank you to the people of St Mary who lend their support to grand opening of the Port Maria paint store.

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    July 10, 2014

    hi we really need a edge chem paint shop on the old harbour road the nearest one is on Brunswick ave we could really use a closer one for all of us spray man that use edge chem from willowdrene, homestead, st john road etc


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